4.15.10. Uniaxial SectionΒΆ

section('Uniaxial', secTag, matTag, quantity)

This command is used to construct a UniaxialSection object which uses a previously-defined UniaxialMaterial object to represent a single section force-deformation response quantity.

secTag (int) unique section tag
matTag (int) tag of uniaxial material
quantity (str)

the force-deformation quantity to be modeled by this section object. One of the following section dof may be used:

  • 'P' Axial force-deformation
  • 'Mz' Moment-curvature about section local z-axis
  • 'Vy' Shear force-deformation along section local y-axis
  • 'My' Moment-curvature about section local y-axis
  • 'Vz' Shear force-deformation along section local z-axis
  • 'T' Torsion Force-Deformation