4.15. section commands

section(secType, secTag, *secArgs)

This command is used to construct a SectionForceDeformation object, hereto referred to as Section, which represents force-deformation (or resultant stress-strain) relationships at beam-column and plate sample points.

secType (str) section type
secTag (int) section tag.
secArgs (list) a list of section arguments, must be preceded with *.

For example,

secType = 'Elastic'
secTag = 1
secArgs = [E, A, Iz]
section(secType, secTag, *secArgs)

The following contain information about available secType:

  1. Elastic Section
  2. Fiber Section
  3. NDFiber Section
  4. Wide Flange Section
  5. RC Section
  6. RCCircular Section
  7. Parallel Section
  8. Section Aggregator
  9. Uniaxial Section
  10. Elastic Membrane Plate Section
  11. Plate Fiber Section
  12. Bidirectional Section
  13. Isolator2spring Section
  14. LayeredShell