Fatigue Material

uniaxialMaterial('Fatigue', matTag, otherTag, '-E0', E0=0.191, '-m', m=-0.458, '-min', min=-1e16, '-max', max=1e16)

The fatigue material uses a modified rainflow cycle counting algorithm to accumulate damage in a material using Miner’s Rule. Element stress/strain relationships become zero when fatigue life is exhausted.

matTag (int) integer tag identifying material
otherTag (float) Unique material object integer tag for the material that is being wrapped
E0 (float) Value of strain at which one cycle will cause failure (default 0.191)
m (float) Slope of Coffin-Manson curve in log-log space (default -0.458)
min (float) Global minimum value for strain or deformation (default -1e16)
max (float) Global maximum value for strain or deformation (default 1e16)

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