integrator('DisplacementControl', nodeTag, dof, incr, numIter=1, dUmin=incr, dUmax=incr)

Create a DisplacementControl integrator. In an analysis step with Displacement Control we seek to determine the time step that will result in a displacement increment for a particular degree-of-freedom at a node to be a prescribed value.

nodeTag (int) tag of node whose response controls solution
dof (int) Degree of freedom at the node, 1 through ndf.
incr (float) First displacement increment \(\Delta U_{dof}\).
numIter (int) Number of iterations the user would like to occur in the solution algorithm. (optional)
minIncr (float) Min stepsize the user will allow \(\Delta U_{min}\). (optional)
maxIncr (float) Max stepsize the user will allow \(\Delta U_{max}\). (optional)