4.6.6. Pulse TimeSeriesΒΆ

timeSeries('Pulse', tag, tStart, tEnd, period, '-width', width=0.5, '-shift', shift=0.0, '-factor', factor=1.0, '-zeroShift', zeroShift=0.0)

This command is used to construct a TimeSeries object in which the load factor is some pulse function of the time in the domain.

\[\begin{split}\lambda = f(t) = \begin{cases} cFactor+zeroShift, & k < width\\ zeroshift, & k < 1\\ 0.0, & otherwise \end{cases}\end{split}\]
\[k = \frac{t+shift-tStart}{period}-floor(\frac{t+shift-tStart}{period})\]
tag (int) unique tag among TimeSeries objects.
tStart (float) Starting time of non-zero load factor.
tEnd (float) Ending time of non-zero load factor.
period (float) Characteristic period of pulse.
width (float) Pulse width as a fraction of the period. (optinal)
shift (float) Phase shift in seconds. (optional)
factor (float) Load factor. (optional)
zeroShift (float) Zero shift. (optional)