nDMaterial('PlaneStressUserMaterial', matTag, nstatevs, nprops, fc, ft, fcu, epsc0, epscu, epstu, stc)

This command is used to create the multi-dimensional concrete material model that is based on the damage mechanism and smeared crack model.

nstatevs (int) number of state/history variables (usually 40)
nprops (int) number of material properties (usually 7)
matTag (int) integer tag identifying material
fc (float) concrete compressive strength at 28 days (positive)
ft (float) concrete tensile strength (positive)
fcu (float) concrete crushing strength (negative)
epsc0 (float) concrete strain at maximum strength (negative)
epscu (float) concrete strain at crushing strength (negative)
epstu (float) ultimate tensile strain (positive)
stc (float) shear retention factor