13.2.11. sig_out_per_node (ops_vis)


Return a 2d numpy array of stress components per OpenSees node.

Three first stress components (sxx, syy, sxy) are calculated and extracted from OpenSees, while the rest svm (Huber-Mieses-Hencky), two principal stresses (s1, s2) and directional angle are calculated as postprocessed quantities.

Parameters:how_many (str) – supported options are: ‘all’ - all components, ‘sxx’, ‘syy’, ‘sxy’, ‘svm’ (or ‘vmis’), ‘s1’, ‘s2’, ‘angle’.
a 2d array of stress components per node with
the following components: sxx, syy, sxy, svm, s1, s2, angle. Size (n_nodes x 7).
Return type:sig_out (ndarray)


sig_out = opsv.sig_out_per_node()


s1, s2: principal stresses angle: angle of the principal stress s1

See example Plot stress distribution of plane stress quad model (ops_vis)