13. Postprocessing ModulesΒΆ

This is the main page for listing OpenSeesPy postprocessing modules. For commands and documentation check their corresponding subpages.

There are two OpenSees plotting modules:

  1. Get_Rendering Commands
  2. ops_vis module

These modules also contain helper functions and other postprocessing commands preparing data for plotting.

Note that you can use both modules at the same time (even the same function name e.g. plot_model()) in a single OpenSeesPy script by distinguishing them as follows:

import openseespy.opensees as ops
import openseespy.postprocessing.Get_Rendering as opsplt
import openseespy.postprocessing.ops_vis as opsv
# ...
opsplt.plot_model()  # command from Get_Rendering module
opsv.plot_model()  # command from ops_vis module