element('PFEMElementBubble', eleTag, *eleNodes, rho, mu, b1, b2, <b3>, <thickness, kappa>)

Create a PFEM Bubble element, which is a fluid element for FSI analysis.

eleTag (int) tag of the element
eleNodes (list (int)) A list of three or four element nodes, four are required for 3D
nd4 (int) tag of node 4 (required for 3D)
rho (float) fluid density
mu (float) fluid viscosity
b1 (float) body body acceleration in x direction
b2 (float) body body acceleration in y direction
b3 (float) body body acceleration in z direction (required for 3D)
thickness (float) element thickness (required for 2D)
kappa (float) fluid bulk modulus (optional)