SFI MVLEM - Cyclic Shear-Flexure Interaction Model for RC WallsΒΆ

The SFI_MVLEM command is used to construct a Shear-Flexure Interaction Multiple-Vertical-Line-Element Model (SFI-MVLEM, Kolozvari et al., 2015a, b, c), which captures interaction between axial/flexural and shear behavior of RC structural walls and columns under cyclic loading. The SFI_MVLEM element (Figure 1) incorporates 2-D RC panel behavior described by the Fixed-Strut-Angle-Model (nDMaterial FSAM; Ulugtekin, 2010; Orakcal et al., 2012), into a 2-D macroscopic fiber-based model (MVLEM). The interaction between axial and shear behavior is captured at each RC panel (macro-fiber) level, which further incorporates interaction between shear and flexural behavior at the SFI_MVLEM element level.

element('SFI_MVLEM', eleTag, *eleNodes, m, c, '-thick', *thick, '-width', *widths, '-mat', *mat_tags)
eleTag (int) unique element object tag
eleNodes (list (int)) a list of two element nodes
m (int) Number of element macro-fibers
c (float) Location of center of rotation with from the iNode, c = 0.4 (recommended)
Thicknesses (list (float)) a list of m macro-fiber thicknesses
Widths (list (float)) a list of m macro-fiber widths
Material_tags (list (int)) a list of m macro-fiber nDMaterial1 tags

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