4.16.2. Velocity Dependent Friction

frictionModel('VelDependent', frnTag, muSlow, muFast, transRate)

This command is used to construct a VelDependent friction model object. It is useful for modeling the behavior of PTFE or PTFE-like materials sliding on a stainless steel surface. For a detailed presentation on the velocity dependence of such interfaces please refer to Constantinou et al. (1999).

frnTag (int) unique friction model tag
muSlow (float) coefficient of friction at low velocity
muFast (float) coefficient of friction at high velocity
transRate (float) transition rate from low to high velocity
\[\mu = {\mu _{fast}} - \left( {{\mu _{fast}} - {\mu _{slow}}} \right) \cdot {e^{ - transRate\, \cdot \,\left| v \right|}}\]


Constantinou, M.C., Tsopelas, P., Kasalanati, A., and Wolff, E.D. (1999). “Property modification factors for seismic isolation bearings”. Report MCEER-99-0012, Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, State University of New York.