13.1.6. plot_fiberResponse2D command

postprocessing.Get_Rendering.plot_fiberResponse2D(ModelName, LoadCaseName, element, section, LocalAxis = 'y', InputType = 'stress', tstep = -1)

Plots the fibre stress or strain distribution along the local Z or Y-axis of a 2D fiber section. The local axis appears on the x axis, while the fiber response appears on the y axis.

ModelName (str) Name of the model to read data from output database, created with createODB() command.
LoadCaseName (str) Name of the subfolder with load case output data.
element (int) Tag of the element where the section to be plotted is located.
section (int) Tag of the section to be plotted.
LocalAxis (str) Local axis of the section, based on a user defined axes transformation. (optional, default is “Y”)
InputType (str) Type of the fiber response to be plotted, "stress" or "strain". (optional, default is “stress”)
tstep (float) Approximate time of the analysis at which fiber response is to be plotted. The program will find the closed time step to the input value.(optional, default is the last step).


plot_fiberResponse2D("TwoSpan_Bridge", "Dynamic_GM1", 101, 2)
Plots the fiber stress (default) distribution of section 2 in element 101 of structure by reading data from TwoSpan_Bridge_ODB with a sub-folder Dynamic_GM1 at the last analysis step (default).