8.1.4. tetrahedron meshΒΆ

mesh('tet', tag, nummesh, *mtags, id, ndf, meshsize, eleType='', *eleArgs=[])

Create a 3D tetrahedron mesh object.

tag (int) mesh tag.
nummesh (int) number of 2D mesh for defining a 3D body.
mtags (list (int)) the mesh tags
id (int)

mesh id. Meshes with same id are considered as same structure of fluid identity.

  • id = 0 : not in FSI
  • id > 0 : structure
  • id < 0 : fluid
ndf (int) ndf for nodes to be created.
meshsize (float) mesh size.
eleType (str)

the element type, (optional)

if no type is given, only nodes are created.

eleArgs (list) a list of element arguments. The arguments are same as in the element commands, but without element tag, and node tags. (optional)