SelfCentering MaterialΒΆ

uniaxialMaterial('SelfCentering', matTag, k1, k2, sigAct, beta, epsSlip=0, epsBear=0, rBear=k1)

This command is used to construct a uniaxial self-centering (flag-shaped) material object with optional non-recoverable slip behaviour and an optional stiffness increase at high strains (bearing behaviour).

matTag (int) integer tag identifying material
k1 (float) Initial Stiffness
k2 (float) Post-Activation Stiffness (0< k2``<   ``k1)
sigAct (float) Forward Activation Stress/Force
beta (float) Ratio of Forward to Reverse Activation Stress/Force
epsSlip (float) slip Strain/Deformation (if epsSlip = 0, there will be no slippage)
epsBear (float) Bearing Strain/Deformation (if epsBear = 0, there will be no bearing)
rBear (float) Ratio of Bearing Stiffness to Initial Stiffness k1

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