KikuchiBearing ElementΒΆ

This command is used to construct a KikuchiBearing element object, which is defined by two nodes. This element consists of multiple shear spring model (MSS) and multiple normal spring model (MNS).

element('KikuchiBearing', eleTag, *eleNodes, '-shape', shape, '-size', size, totalRubber, <'-totalHeight', totalHeight>, '-nMSS', nMSS, '-matMSS', matMSSTag, <'-limDisp', limDisp>, '-nMNS', nMNS, '-matMNS', matMNSTag, <'-lambda', lambda>, <'-orient', <x1, x2, x3>, yp1, yp2, yp3>, <'-mass', m>, <'-noPDInput'>, <'-noTilt'>, <'-adjustPDOutput', ci, cj>, <'-doBalance', limFo, limFi, nIter>)
eleTag (int) unique element object tag
eleNodes (list (int)) a list of two element nodes
shape (float) following shapes are available: round, square
size (float) diameter (round shape), length of edge (square shape)
totalRubber (float) total rubber thickness
totalHeight (float) total height of the bearing (defaulut: distance between iNode and jNode)
nMSS (int) number of springs in MSS = nMSS
matMSSTag (int) matTag for MSS
limDisp (float) minimum deformation to calculate equivalent coefficient of MSS (see note 1)
nMNS (int) number of springs in MNS = nMNS*nMNS (for round and square shape)
matMNSTag (int) matTag for MNS
lambda (float) parameter to calculate compression modulus distribution on MNS (see note 2)
x1 x2 x3 (float) vector components in global coordinates defining local x-axis
yp1 yp2 yp3 (float) vector components in global coordinates defining vector yp which lies in the local x-y plane for the element
m (float) element mass
'-noPDInput' (str) not consider P-Delta moment
'-noTilt' (str) not consider tilt of rigid link
ci cj (float) P-Delta moment adjustment for reaction force (default: ci =0.5, cj =0.5)
limFo limFi nIter (float) tolerance of external unbalanced force ( limFo), tolorance of internal unbalanced force ( limFi), number of iterations to get rid of internal unbalanced force ( nIter)

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