4.12. beamIntegration commands

beamIntegration(type, tag, *args)

A wide range of numerical integration options are available in OpenSees to represent distributed plasticity or non-prismatic section details in Beam-Column Elements, i.e., across the entire element domain [0, L].

Following are beamIntegration types available in the OpenSees:

Integration Methods for Distributed Plasticity. Distributed plasticity methods permit yielding at any integration point along the element length.

  1. Lobatto
  2. Legendre
  3. NewtonCotes
  4. Radau
  5. Trapezoidal
  6. CompositeSimpson
  7. UserDefined
  8. FixedLocation
  9. LowOrder
  10. MidDistance

Plastic Hinge Integration Methods. Plastic hinge integration methods confine material yielding to regions of the element of specified length while the remainder of the element is linear elastic. A summary of plastic hinge integration methods is found in (Scott and Fenves 2006).

  1. UserHinge
  2. HingeMidpoint
  3. HingeRadau
  4. HingeRadauTwo
  5. HingeEndpoint