Version is released!

OpenSeesPy is on PyPi (Windows, Linux, Mac).

OpenSeesPy is official in DesignSafe (Web-based).

OpenSeesPy can now run on Windows Subsystem for Linux (Windows).

The latest version of this document can be found at


Please send any questions to github issues.

Questions about the Mac version please ask Stevan Gavrilovic.

New Plotting Commands are developed by Anurag Upadhyay from University of Utah.

You are very welcome to contribute to OpenSeesPy with new command documents and examples by sending pull requests through github pulls.

The OpenSeesPy Library

OpenSeesPy is a Python 3 interpreter of OpenSees. A minimum script is shown below:

# import OpenSeesPy
import openseespy.opensees as ops

# wipe model

# create model
ops.model('basic', '-ndm', 2, '-ndf', 3)

Most of OpenSeesPy commands have the same syntax and arguments as the OpenSees Tcl commands. The conversion from Tcl to Python is easy and straightforward as demonstrated with commands below.