4.16.9. Section AggregatorΒΆ

section('Aggregator', secTag, *mats, '-section', sectionTag)

This command is used to construct a SectionAggregator object which aggregates groups previously-defined UniaxialMaterial objects into a single section force-deformation model. Each UniaxialMaterial object represents the section force-deformation response for a particular section degree-of-freedom (dof). There is no interaction between responses in different dof directions. The aggregation can include one previously defined section.

secTag (int)

unique section tag

mats (list)

list of tags and dofs of previously-defined UniaxialMaterial objects, mats = [matTag1,dof1,matTag2,dof2,...]

the force-deformation quantity to be modeled by this section object. One of the following section dof may be used:

  • 'P' Axial force-deformation

  • 'Mz' Moment-curvature about section local z-axis

  • 'Vy' Shear force-deformation along section local y-axis

  • 'My' Moment-curvature about section local y-axis

  • 'Vz' Shear force-deformation along section local z-axis

  • 'T' Torsion Force-Deformation

sectionTag (int)

tag of previously-defined Section object to which the UniaxialMaterial objects are aggregated as additional force-deformation relationships (optional)