uniaxialMaterial('ConcreteD', matTag, fc, epsc, ft, epst, Ec, alphac, alphat, cesp=0.25, etap=1.15)

This command is used to construct a concrete material based on the Chinese design code.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

fc (float)

concrete compressive strength

epsc (float)

concrete strain at corresponding to compressive strength

ft (float)

concrete tensile strength

epst (float)

concrete strain at corresponding to tensile strength

Ec (float)

concrete initial Elastic modulus

alphac (float)

compressive descending parameter

alphat (float)

tensile descending parameter

cesp (float)

plastic parameter, recommended values: 0.2~0.3

etap (float)

plastic parameter, recommended values: 1.0~1.3


  1. Concrete compressive strength and the corresponding strain should be input as negative values.

  2. The value fc/epsc and ft/epst should be smaller than Ec.

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