11.9. partition command

partition('-ncuts', ncuts, '-niter', niters, '-ufactor', ufactor, '-info')

In a parallel environment, this command partitions the model. It requires that all processors have the exact same model to be partitioned.

ncuts (int)

Specifies the number of different partitionings that it will compute. The final partitioning is the one that achieves the best edge cut or communication volume. (Optional default is 1).

niters (int)

Specifies the number of iterations for the refinement algorithms at each stage of the uncoarsening process. (Optional default is 10).

ufactor (int)

Specifies the maximum allowed load imbalance among the partitions. (Optional default is 30, indicating a load imbalance of 1.03).

'-info' (str)

print information. (optional)