ElasticBilin MaterialΒΆ

uniaxialMaterial('ElasticBilin', matTag, EP1, EP2, epsP2, EN1=EP1, EN2=EP2, epsN2=-epsP2)

This command is used to construct an elastic bilinear uniaxial material object. Unlike all other bilinear materials, the unloading curve follows the loading curve exactly.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

EP1 (float)

tangent in tension for stains: 0 <= strains <= epsP2

EP2 (float)

tangent when material in tension with strains > epsP2

epsP2 (float)

strain at which material changes tangent in tension.

EN1 (float)

optional, default = EP1. tangent in compression for stains: 0 < strains <= epsN2

EN2 (float)

optional, default = EP2. tangent in compression with strains < epsN2

epsN2 (float)

optional, default = -epsP2. strain at which material changes tangent in compression.


eps0 can not be controlled. It is always zero.

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