nDMaterial('ContactMaterial2D', matTag, mu, G, c, t)

This command is used to construct a ContactMaterial2D nDMaterial object.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

mu (float)

interface frictional coefficient

G (float)

interface stiffness parameter

c (float)

interface cohesive intercept

t (float)

interface tensile strength

The ContactMaterial2D nDMaterial defines the constitutive behavior of a frictional interface between two bodies in contact. The interface defined by this material object allows for sticking, frictional slip, and separation between the two bodies in a two-dimensional analysis. A regularized Coulomb frictional law is assumed. Information on the theory behind this material can be found in, e.g. Wriggers (2002).


  1. The ContactMaterial2D nDMaterial has been written to work with the SimpleContact2D and BeamContact2D element objects.

  2. There are no valid recorder queries for this material other than those which are listed with those elements


Wriggers, P. (2002). Computational Contact Mechanics. John Wilely & Sons, Ltd, West Sussex, England.