TzSimple1 Material

uniaxialMaterial('TzSimple1', matTag, soilType, tult, z50, c=0.0)

This command is used to construct a TzSimple1 uniaxial material object.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

soilType (int)

soilType = 1 Backbone of t-z curve approximates Reese and O’Neill (1987).

soilType = 2 Backbone of t-z curve approximates Mosher (1984) relation.

tult (float)

Ultimate capacity of the t-z material. SEE NOTE 1.

z50 (float)

Displacement at which 50% of tult is mobilized in monotonic loading.

c (float)

The viscous damping term (dashpot) on the far-field (elastic) component of the displacement rate (velocity). (optional Default = 0.0). See NOTE 2.


  1. The argument tult is the ultimate capacity of the t-z material. Note that t or tult are shear stresses [force per unit area of pile surface] in common design equations, but are both loads for this uniaxialMaterial [i.e., shear stress times the tributary area of the pile].

  2. Nonzero c values are used to represent radiation damping effects

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