BWBN MaterialΒΆ

uniaxialMaterial('BWBN', matTag, alpha, ko, n, gamma, beta, Ao, q, zetas, p, Shi, deltaShi, lambda, tol, maxIter)

This command is used to construct a uniaxial Bouc-Wen pinching hysteretic material object. This material model is an extension of the original Bouc-Wen model that includes pinching (Baber and Noori (1986) and Foliente (1995)).

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

alpha (float)

ratio of post-yield stiffness to the initial elastic stiffenss (0< alpha <1)

ko (float)

initial elastic stiffness

n (float)

parameter that controls transition from linear to nonlinear range (as n increases the transition becomes sharper; n is usually grater or equal to 1)

gamma beta (float)

parameters that control shape of hysteresis loop; depending on the values of gamma and beta softening, hardening or quasi-linearity can be simulated (look at the BoucWen Material)

Ao (float)

parameter that controls tangent stiffness

q zetas p Shi deltaShi lambda (float)

parameters that control pinching

tol (float)


maxIter (float)

maximum iterations

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