Bbar Plane Strain Quadrilateral Element

This command is used to construct a four-node quadrilateral element object, which uses a bilinear isoparametric formulation along with a mixed volume/pressure B-bar assumption. This element is for plane strain problems only.

element('bbarQuad', eleTag, *eleNodes, thick, matTag)

eleTag (int)

unique element object tag

eleNodes (list (int))

a list of four element nodes in counter-clockwise order

thick (float)

element thickness

matTag (int)

tag of nDMaterial


  1. PlainStrain only.

  2. The valid queries to a Quad element when creating an ElementRecorder object are ‘forces’, ‘stresses,’ and ‘material $matNum matArg1 matArg2 …’ Where $matNum refers to the material object at the integration point corresponding to the node numbers in the isoparametric domain.

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