uniaxialMaterial('ReinforcingSteel', matTag, fy, fu, Es, Esh, eps_sh, eps_ult, '-GABuck', lsr, beta, r, gamma, '-DMBuck', lsr, alpha=1.0, '-CMFatigue', Cf, alpha, Cd, '-IsoHard', a1=4.3, limit=1.0, '-MPCurveParams', R1=0.333, R2=18.0, R3=4.0)

This command is used to construct a ReinforcingSteel uniaxial material object. This object is intended to be used in a reinforced concrete fiber section as the steel reinforcing material.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

fy (float)

Yield stress in tension

fu (float)

Ultimate stress in tension

Es (float)

Initial elastic tangent

Esh (float)

Tangent at initial strain hardening

eps_sh (float)

Strain corresponding to initial strain hardening

eps_ult (float)

Strain at peak stress

'-GABuck' (str)

Buckling Model Based on Gomes and Appleton (1997)

lsr (float)

Slenderness Ratio

beta (float)

Amplification factor for the buckled stress strain curve.

r (float)

Buckling reduction factor

r can be a real number between [0.0 and 1.0]

r=1.0 full reduction (no buckling)

r=0.0 no reduction

0.0<r<1.0 linear interpolation between buckled and unbuckled curves

gamma (float)

Buckling constant

'-DMBuck' (str)

Buckling model based on Dhakal and Maekawa (2002)

lsr (float)

Slenderness Ratio

alpha (float)

Adjustment Constant usually between 0.75 and 1.0 Default: alpha=1.0, this parameter is optional.

'-CMFatigue' (str)

Coffin-Manson Fatigue and Strength Reduction

Cf (float)

Coffin-Manson constant C

alpha (float)

Coffin-Manson constant a

Cd (float)

Cyclic strength reduction constant

'-IsoHard' (str)

Isotropic Hardening / Diminishing Yield Plateau

a1 (float)

Hardening constant (default = 4.3)

limit (float)

Limit for the reduction of the yield plateau. % of original plateau length to remain (0.01 < limit < 1.0 ) Limit =1.0, then no reduction takes place (default =0.01)

'-MPCurveParams' (str)

Menegotto and Pinto Curve Parameters

R1 (float)

(default = 0.333)

R2 (float)

(default = 18)

R3 (float)

(default = 4)

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