4.18. geomTransf commands

geomTransf(transfType, transfTag, *transfArgs)

The geometric-transformation command is used to construct a coordinate-transformation (CrdTransf) object, which transforms beam element stiffness and resisting force from the basic system to the global-coordinate system. The command has at least one argument, the transformation type.

transfType (str)

geomTransf type

transfTag (int)

geomTransf tag.

transfArgs (list)

a list of geomTransf arguments, must be preceded with *.

For example,

transfType = 'Linear'
transfTag = 1
transfArgs = []
geomTransf(transfType, transfTag, *transfArgs)

The following contain information about available transfType:

  1. Linear Transformation

  2. PDelta Transformation

  3. Corotational Transformation