4.13.8. FixedLocationΒΆ

beamIntegration('FixedLocation', tag, N, *secTags, *locs)

Create a FixedLocation beamIntegration object. This option allows user-specified locations of the integration points. The associated integration weights are computed by the method of undetermined coefficients (Vandermonde system)

\[\sum^N_{i=1}x_i^{j-1}w_i = \int_0^1x^{j-1}dx = \frac{1}{j},\qquad (j=1,...,N)\]

Note that NewtonCotes integration is recovered when the integration point locations are equally spaced.

tag (int)

tag of the beam integration

N (int)

number of integration points along the element.

secTags (list (int))

A list previous-defined section objects.

locs (list (float))

Locations of integration points along the element.

Places N integration points along the element, whose locations are defined in locs. on the natural domain [0, 1]. The force-deformation response at each integration point is defined by the secs. Both the locs and secs should be of length N. The order of accuracy for Fixed Location integration is N-1.