5.3.8. MUMPS Solver

system('Mumps', '-ICNTL14', icntl14=20.0, '-ICNTL7', icntl7=7)

Create a system of equations using the Mumps solver


controls the percentage increase in the estimated working space (optional)


computes a symmetric permutation (ordering) to determine the pivot order to be used for the factorization in case of sequential analysis (optional)

  • 0: AMD

  • 1: set by user

  • 2: AMF

  • 3: SCOTCH

  • 4: PORD

  • 5: Metis

  • 6: AMD with QADM

  • 7: automatic

Use this command only for parallel model.


Don’t use this command if model is not parallel, for example, parametric study.