ElasticTubularJoint Element

This command is used to construct an ElasticTubularJoint element object, which models joint flexibility of tubular joints in two dimensional analysis of any structure having tubular joints.

element('ElasticTubularJoint', eleTag, *eleNodes, Brace_Diameter, Brace_Angle, E, Chord_Diameter, Chord_Thickness, Chord_Angle)

eleTag (int)

unique element object tag

eleNodes (list (int))

a list of two element nodes

Brace_Diameter (float)

outer diameter of brace

Brace_Angle (float)

angle between brace and chord axis 0 < Brace_Angle < 90

E (float)

Young’s Modulus

Chord_Diameter (float)

outer diameter of chord

Chord_Thickness (float)

thickness of chord

Chord_Angle (float)

angle between chord axis and global x-axis 0 < Chord_Angle < 180

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