4.16.14. Isolator2spring SectionΒΆ

section('Isolator2spring', matTag, tol, k1, Fyo, k2o, kvo, hb, PE, Po=0.0)

This command is used to construct an Isolator2spring section object, which represents the buckling behavior of an elastomeric bearing for two-dimensional analysis in the lateral and vertical plane. An Isolator2spring section represents the resultant force-deformation behavior of the bearing, and should be used with a zeroLengthSection element. The bearing should be constrained against rotation.

secTag (int)

unique section tag

tol (float)

tolerance for convergence of the element state. Suggested value: E-12 to E-10. OpenSees will warn if convergence is not achieved, however this usually does not prevent global convergence.

k1 (float)

initial stiffness for lateral force-deformation

Fyo (float)

nominal yield strength for lateral force-deformation

k2o (float)

nominal postyield stiffness for lateral force-deformation

kvo (float)

nominal stiffness in the vertical direction

hb (float)

total height of elastomeric bearing

PE (float)

Euler Buckling load for the bearing

Po (float)

axial load at which nominal yield strength is achieved (optional)