nDMaterial('ManzariDafalias', matTag, G0, nu, e_init, Mc, c, lambda_c, e0, ksi, P_atm, m, h0, ch, nb, A0, nd, z_max, cz, Den)

This command is used to construct a multi-dimensional Manzari-Dafalias(2004) material.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

G0 (float)

shear modulus constant

nu (float)

poisson ratio

e_init (float)

initial void ratio

Mc (float)

critical state stress ratio

c (float)

ratio of critical state stress ratio in extension and compression

lambda_c (float)

critical state line constant

e0 (float)

critical void ratio at p = 0

ksi (float)

critical state line constant

P_atm (float)

atmospheric pressure

m (float)

yield surface constant (radius of yield surface in stress ratio space)

h0 (float)

constant parameter

ch (float)

constant parameter

nb (float)

bounding surface parameter, \(nb \ge 0\)

A0 (float)

dilatancy parameter

nd (float)

dilatancy surface parameter \(nd \ge 0\)

z_max (float)

fabric-dilatancy tensor parameter

cz (float)

fabric-dilatancy tensor parameter

Den (float)

mass density of the material

The material formulations for the ManzariDafalias object are:

  • 'ThreeDimensional'

  • 'PlaneStrain'

See also here


Dafalias YF, Manzari MT. “Simple plasticity sand model accounting for fabric change effects”. Journal of Engineering Mechanics 2004