Brick u-p Element

BrickUP is an 8-node hexahedral linear isoparametric element. Each node has 4 degrees-of-freedom (DOF): DOFs 1 to 3 for solid displacement (u) and DOF 4 for fluid pressure (p). This element is implemented for simulating dynamic response of solid-fluid fully coupled material, based on Biot’s theory of porous medium.

element('brickUP', eleTag, *eleNodes, matTag, bulk, fmass, permX, permY, permZ, <bX=0, bY=0, bZ=0>)
eleTag (int) unique element object tag
eleNodes (list (int)) a list of eight element nodes
matTag (int) Tag of an NDMaterial object (previously defined) of which the element is composed
bulk (float)

Combined undrained bulk modulus Bc relating changes in pore pressure and volumetric strain, may be approximated by: \(B_c \approx B_f/n\)

where \(B_f\) is the bulk modulus of fluid phase (\(2.2\times 10^6\) kPa (or \(3.191\times 10^5\) psi) for water), and n the initial porosity.

fmass (float) Fluid mass density
permX, permY, permZ (float) Permeability coefficients in x, y, and z directions respectively.
bX, bY, bZ (float) Optional gravity acceleration components in x, y, and z directions directions respectively (defaults are 0.0)

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