Elastic Beam Column Element with Stiffness Modifiers

This command is used to construct a ModElasticBeam2d element object. The arguments for the construction of an elastic beam-column element with stiffness modifiers is applicable for 2-D problems. This element should be used for modelling of a structural element with an equivalent combination of one elastic element with stiffness-proportional damping, and two springs at its two ends with no stiffness proportional damping to represent a prismatic section. The modelling technique is based on a number of analytical studies discussed in Zareian and Medina (2010) and Zareian and Krawinkler (2009) and is utilized in order to solve problems related to numerical damping in dynamic analysis of frame structures with concentrated plasticity springs.

element('ModElasticBeam2d', eleTag, *eleNodes, Area, E_mod, Iz, K11, K33, K44, transfTag, <'-mass', massDens>, <'-cMass'>)

eleTag (int)

unique element object tag

eleNodes (list (int))

a list of two element nodes

Area (float)

cross-sectional area of element

E_mod (float)

Young’s Modulus

Iz (float)

second moment of area about the local z-axis

K11 (float)

stiffness modifier for translation

K33 (float)

stiffness modifier for translation

K44 (float)

stiffness modifier for rotation

transfTag (int)

identifier for previously-defined coordinate-transformation (CrdTransf) object

massDens (float)

element mass per unit length (optional, default = 0.0)

'-cMass' (str)

to form consistent mass matrix (optional, default = lumped mass matrix)

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