8.1.1. line meshΒΆ

mesh('line', tag, numnodes, *ndtags, id, ndf, meshsize, eleType='', *eleArgs=[])

Create a line mesh object.

tag (int)

mesh tag.

numnodes (int)

number of nodes for defining consective lines.

ndtags (list (int))

the node tags

id (int)

mesh id. Meshes with same id are considered as same structure of fluid identity.

  • id = 0 : not in FSI

  • id > 0 : structure

  • id < 0 : fluid

ndf (int)

ndf for nodes to be created.

meshsize (float)

mesh size.

eleType (str)

the type of the element, (optional)

eleArgs (list)

a list of element arguments. The arguments are same as in the element commands, but without element tag, and node tags. (optional)

For example,

eleArgs = ['elasticBeamColumn', A, E, Iz, transfTag]