Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Gap MaterialΒΆ

uniaxialMaterial('ElasticPPGap', matTag, E, Fy, gap, eta=0.0, damage='noDamage')

This command is used to construct an elastic perfectly-plastic gap uniaxial material object.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

E (float)


Fy (float)

stress or force at which material reaches plastic state

gap (float)

initial gap (strain or deformation)

eta (float)

hardening ratio (=Eh/E), which can be negative

damage (str)

an optional string to specify whether to accumulate damage or not in the material. With the default string, 'noDamage' the gap material will re-center on load reversal. If the string 'damage' is provided this recentering will not occur and gap will grow.

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