nDMaterial('ElasticOrthotropic', matTag, Ex, Ey, Ez, nu_xy, nu_yz, nu_zx, Gxy, Gyz, Gzx, rho=0.0)

This command is used to construct an ElasticOrthotropic material object.

matTag (int)

integer tag identifying material

Ex (float)

elastic modulus in x direction

Ey (float)

elastic modulus in y direction

Ez (float)

elastic modulus in z direction

nu_xy (float)

Poisson’s ratios in x and y plane

nu_yz (float)

Poisson’s ratios in y and z plane

nu_zx (float)

Poisson’s ratios in z and x plane

Gxy (float)

shear modulii in x and y plane

Gyz (float)

shear modulii in y and z plane

Gzx (float)

shear modulii in z and x plane

rho (float)

mass density (optional)

The material formulations for the ElasticOrthotropic object are:

  • 'ThreeDimensional'

  • 'PlaneStrain'

  • 'Plane Stress'

  • 'AxiSymmetric'

  • 'BeamFiber'

  • 'PlateFiber'