4.13. uniaxialMaterial commands

uniaxialMaterial(matType, matTag, *matArgs)

This command is used to construct a UniaxialMaterial object which represents uniaxial stress-strain (or force-deformation) relationships.

matType (str) material type
matTag (int) material tag.
matArgs (list) a list of material arguments, must be preceded with *.

For example,

matType = 'Steel01'
matTag = 1
matArgs = [Fy, E0, b]
uniaxialMaterial(matType, matTag, *matArgs)

The following contain information about available matType:

4.13.4. PyTzQz uniaxial materials for p-y, t-z and q-z elements for modeling soil-structure interaction through the piles in a structural foundation

  1. PySimple1 Material
  2. TzSimple1 Material
  3. QzSimple1 Material
  4. PyLiq1 Material
  5. TzLiq1 Material