5.4.8. FixedNumIterΒΆ

test('FixedNumIter', iter, pFlag=0, nType=2)

Create a FixedNumIter test, that performs a fixed number of iterations without testing for convergence.

tol (float) Tolerance criteria used to check for convergence.
iter (int) Max number of iterations to check
pFlag (int)

Print flag (optional):

  • 0 print nothing.
  • 1 print information on norms each time test() is invoked.
  • 2 print information on norms and number of iterations at end of successful test.
  • 4 at each step it will print the norms and also the \(\Delta U\) and \(R(U)\) vectors.
  • 5 if it fails to converge at end of numIter it will print an error message but return a successfull test.
nType (int) Type of norm, (0 = max-norm, 1 = 1-norm, 2 = 2-norm). (optional)