4.2. element commands

element(eleType, eleTag, *eleNodes, *eleArgs)

Create a OpenSees element.

eleType (str) element type
eleTag (int) element tag.
eleNodes (list (int)) a list of element nodes, must be preceded with *.
eleArgs (list) a list of element arguments, must be preceded with *.

For example,

eleType = 'truss'
eleTag = 1
eleNodes = [iNode, jNode]
eleArgs = [A, matTag]
element(eleType, eleTag, *eleNodes, *eleArgs)

The following contain information about available eleType:

4.2.8. Triangular Elements

  1. Tri31 Element

4.2.10. Tetrahedron Elements

  1. FourNodeTetrahedron

4.2.12. Other u-p elements

  1. SSPquadUP Element
  2. SSPbrickUP Element

4.2.14. Cable Elements

  1. CatenaryCableElement