13.2.2. plot_defo (ops_vis)ΒΆ

ops_vis.plot_defo(sfac=False, nep=17, unDefoFlag=1, fmt_undefo='g--', interpFlag=1, endDispFlag=0, fmt_interp='b-', fmt_nodes='rs', Eo=0, az_el=(-60.0, 30.0), fig_wi_he=(16.0, 10.0), fig_lbrt=(0.04, 0.04, 0.96, 0.96))[source]

Plot deformed shape of the structure.

  • sfac (float) – scale factor to increase/decrease displacements obtained from FE analysis. If not specified (False), sfac is automatically calculated based on the maximum overall displacement and this maximum displacement is plotted as 20 percent (hordcoded) of the maximum model dimension.
  • interpFlag (int) – 1 - use interpolated deformation using shape function, 0 - do not use interpolation, just show displaced element nodes (default is 1)
  • nep (int) – number of evaluation points for shape function interpolation (default: 17)

the automatically calculated scale factor can be


Return type:

sfac (float)


sfac = plot_defo() - plot deformed shape with default parameters and automatically calcutated scale factor.

plot_defo(interpFlag=0) - plot simplified deformation by displacing the nodes connected with straight lines (shape function interpolation)

plot_defo(sfac=1.5) - plot with specified scale factor

plot_defo(unDefoFlag=0, endDispFlag=0) - plot without showing undeformed (original) mesh and without showing markers at the element ends.