2.2. Compilation for MacOSΒΆ

This is a suggestive guide for MacOS.

  • Download OpenSees Source code

    git clone https://github.com/OpenSees/OpenSees.git
  • Install MacPorts for your macOs.

  • Install gcc8

    sudo port install gcc8
  • Install Python 3.8 using MacPorts

    sudo port install python38 python38-devel
  • Install boost using Macports

    sudo port install boost
  • Create Makefile.def

    • Copy one of MAKES/Makefile.def.MacOS10.x to the root and rename to Makefile.def
    • Change the path and variables for your system
  • Compile

    • Run make python -j from root
    • The library file will be at SRC/interpreter/opensees.so