13.1.2. saveFiberData2D command

postprocessing.Get_Rendering.saveFiberData2D(ModelName, LoadCaseName, eleNumber, sectionNumber, deltaT = 0.0)

This command saves the fiber output of the specified section in a non-linear beam-column element to a sub-folder named “LoadCaseName” inside the output database folder “ModelName_ODB”. This output data can be visualized using plot_fiberResponse2D() and animate_fiberResponse2D() commands.

ModelName (str) Name of the model the user wants to save database with.
LoadCaseName (str) Name of the subfolder to save load case output data.
eleNumber (int) Tag of the element with a fiber section assigned.
sectionNumber (float) Tag of the section where the fiber response is to be recorded.
deltaT (list) Timesteps at which output to be saved. Default is 0.0. (optional)

Here is a simple example:

saveFiberData2D("TwoSpan_Bridge", "Pushover", 101, 2)

The above command will:

  • create a folder named TwoSpan_Bridge_ODB and a sub-folder named Pushover if they are not already there.
  • save fiber response of the section with a tag 2 of the element with a tag 101 in the Pushover folder.