4.14. nDMaterial commands

nDMaterial(matType, matTag, *matArgs)

This command is used to construct an NDMaterial object which represents the stress-strain relationship at the gauss-point of a continuum element.

matType (str) material type
matTag (int) material tag.
matArgs (list) a list of material arguments, must be preceded with *.

For example,

matType = 'ElasticIsotropic'
matTag = 1
matArgs = [E, v]
nDMaterial(matType, matTag, *matArgs)

4.14.2. Tsinghua Sand Models

  1. CycLiqCP
  2. CycLiqCPSP

4.14.4. Contact Materials for 2D and 3D

  1. ContactMaterial2D
  2. ContactMaterial3D

4.14.5. Wrapper material for Initial State Analysis

  1. InitialStateAnalysisWrapper
  2. Initial Stress Material
  3. Initial Strain Material

4.14.7. UC San Diego Saturated Undrained soil

  1. FluidSolidPorousMaterial