uniaxialMaterial('Steel4', matTag, Fy, E0, '-asym', '-kin', b_k, *params, b_kc, R_0c, r_1c, r_2c, '-iso', b_i, rho_i, b_l, R_i, l_yp, b_ic, rho_ic, b_lc, R_ic, '-ult', f_u, R_u, f_uc, R_uc, '-init', sig_init, '-mem', cycNum)

This command is used to construct a general uniaxial material with combined kinematic and isotropic hardening and optional non-symmetric behavior.

matTag (int) integer tag identifying material
Fy (float) yield strength
E0 (float) initial elastic tangent
'-kin' (str) apply kinematic hardening
b_k (float) hardening ratio (E_k/E_0)
params (list (float)) control the exponential transition from linear elastic to hardening asymptote params=[R_0,r_1,r_2]. Recommended values: R_0 = 20, r_1 = 0.90, r_2 = 0.15
'-iso' (str) apply isotropic hardening
b_i (float) initial hardening ratio (E_i/E_0)
b_l (float) saturated hardening ratio (E_is/E_0)
rho_i (float) specifies the position of the intersection point between initial and saturated hardening asymptotes
R_i (float) control the exponential transition from initial to saturated asymptote
l_yp (float) length of the yield plateau in eps_y0 = f_y / E_0 units
'-ult' (str) apply an ultimate strength limit
f_u (float) ultimate strength
R_u (float) control the exponential transition from kinematic hardening to perfectly plastic asymptote
'-asym' (str) assume non-symmetric behavior
'-init' (str) apply initial stress
sig_init (float) initial stress value
'-mem' (str) configure the load history memory
cycNum (float) expected number of half-cycles during the loading process Efficiency of the material can be slightly increased by correctly setting this value. The default value is cycNum = 50 Load history memory can be turned off by setting cycNum = 0.

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