This command is used to construct a four-node 3D viscous-spring boundary quad element object based on a bilinear isoparametric formulation.

element('VS3D4', eleTag, *eleNodes, E, G, rho, R, alphaN, alphaT)
eleTag (int) unique element object tag
eleNodes (list (int)) 4 end nodes
E (float) Young’s Modulus of element material
G (float) Shear Modulus of element material
rho (float) Mass Density of element material
R (float) distance from the scattered wave source to the boundary
alphaN (float) correction parameter in the normal direction
alphaT (float) correction parameter in the tangential direction


Reference: Liu J, Du Y, Du X, et al. 3D viscous-spring artificial boundary in time domain. Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 2006, 5(1):93-102

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