6.31.6. background recorder commandΒΆ

recorder('BgPVD', filename, '-precision', precision=10, '-dT', dT=0.0, *res)

Create a PVD recorder for background mesh. This recorder is same as the PVD recorder, but will be automatically called in background mesh and is able to record wave height and velocity.

filename (str) the name for filename.pvd and filename/ directory, which must pre-exist.
precision (int) the precision of data. (optional)
dT (float) the time interval for recording. (optional)
res (list (str))

a list of (str) of responses to be recorded, (optional)

  • 'disp'
  • 'vel'
  • 'accel'
  • 'incrDisp'
  • 'reaction'
  • 'pressure'
  • 'unbalancedLoad'
  • 'mass'
  • 'eigen'