8.2. remesh commandΒΆ

  • \(\alpha \ge 0\) for updating moving mesh.
  • \(\alpha < 0\) for updating background mesh.

If there are nodes shared by different mesh in the domain, the principles to decide what element should be used for a triangle:

  1. If all 3 nodes share the same mesh, use that mesh for the triangle.
  2. If all 3 nodes share more than one mesh, use the mesh with eleArgs defined and lowest id.
  3. If all 3 nodes are in different mesh, use the mesh with lowest id.
  4. If the selected mesh id >= 0, skip the triangle.
  5. If the selected mesh has no eleArgs, skip the triangle.
alpha (float)

Parameter for the \(\alpha\) method to construct a mesh from the node cloud of moving meshes. (optional)

  • \(\alpha = 0\) : no elements are created
  • large \(\alpha\) : all elements in the convex hull are created
  • \(1.0 < \alpha < 2.0\) : usually gives a good shape