Flexure-Shear Interaction Displacement-Based Beam-Column ElementΒΆ

This command is used to construct a dispBeamColumnInt element object, which is a distributed-plasticity, displacement-based beam-column element which includes interaction between flexural and shear components.

element('dispBeamColumnInt', eleTag, *eleNodes, numIntgrPts, secTag, transfTag, cRot, <'-mass', massDens>)
eleTag (int) unique element object tag
eleNodes (list (int)) a list of two element nodes
numIntgrPts (int) number of integration points along the element.
secTag (int) identifier for previously-defined section object
transfTag (int) identifier for previously-defined coordinate-transformation (CrdTransf) object
cRot (float) identifier for element center of rotation (or center of curvature distribution). Fraction of the height distance from bottom to the center of rotation (0 to 1)
massDens (float) element mass density (per unit length), from which a lumped-mass matrix is formed (optional, default=0.0)

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